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After incorporation, company directors must ensure that the company is in compliance with the ongoing statutory requirements, among other things.

Appointment of Company Secretary

Every Singapore registered company must appoint an individual as its company secretary to assist the company and its directors in compliance requirements.

Directors are responsible to appoint a person who must be a Singapore resident with the required knowledge and expertise to discharge the duties as a company secretary.

Basically, the function of the secretary is to handle all the corporate paperwork and procedural matters of a company.

We provide corporate secretarial services to start up companies, Small and Medium Businesses and Multi National Corporations to assist them in complying with various local requirements.

  Our Secretarial Services include but not limited to:
  • Provision of a professional qualified person as company secretary
  • Prepare resolutions of directors and members
  • Attend meetings of directors, committees and members and prepare relevant minutes of meetings
  • Remind companies on the annual general meeting and annual return filing due date
  • Ensure compliance with the Memorandum and Articles of Association, provisions of the Companies (the "Act") and other applicable statutes
  • Safe custody and proper use of the common seal of the company
  • Safe custody and maintenance of statutory registers and minute book
  • Provision of administrative services, for example, redirection of mails and liaison with regulatory authorities

  Statutory Registers

The Act requires a company to keep certain particulars in the form of registers that enables them to be inspected and be kept at a place that makes inspection reasonably easy. Among the statutory registers that should be set up and maintained after incorporation are:

1)   Register of Members
2)   Register of Directors, Managers, Secretaries and Auditors
3)   Register of Directors’ Shareholdings
4)   Register of Charges
5)   Register of Substantial Shareholders, where applicable

  Minute Book

Every company shall cause minutes of all proceedings of general meetings, meetings of its directors and committees, to be entered in books kept for that purpose within one month of the date upon which the relevant meeting was held

  Change Secretarial Agent

If you are not happy with the fee or services provided by the existing secretarial agent or for whatever reasons, you wish to change secretarial agent; you may consider engage our services by completing the following form and submit to secretary@azecworldlink.com. We will contact you with a view to assist you in your compliance requirements.


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