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Registration and Maintaining Offshore Companies

We assist in the registration of companies in other jurisdiction, for example, the British Virgin Islands.

We have a ready list of offshore companies available for immediate acquisition should you can’t wait for the registration of company which normally takes a week or 2.

Offshore companies are normally used for international trading, investment or joint venture for tax planning.

We provide corporate secretarial services for offshore companies in compliance with the regulatory requirements.

Registration and Renewal of Representative Offices

Prior to investing in Singapore, a foreign company may wish to set up a representative office in Singapore to:

(a)    carry out the necessary market research

(b)    conduct feasibility studies

(c)    observe the local business culture

(d)    build contacts

Alternatively, the foreign company may not wish to carry on business in Singapore but may wish to have a presence in Singapore as part of its network.

We assist in the application for registration of representative office.

We provide administrative services to representative office in compliance with the regulatory requirements, for example submit notices relating to change of registered information to the authorities within the prescribed period.

We also assist in the annual renewal application.

Dissolution of Company

We assist company in members’ voluntary liquidation in the event that the company has assets and liabilities in the latest management accounts.

For companies that meet the criteria for deregistration, we will assist in the application for striking off.

Application for Employment and Related Passes

We assist company in applying employment pass for its directors and executive officers and dependent passes for their family members.

Application for Permanent Residence

We assist individual that meet the criteria to submit an application for permanent residence.